The main signs of vitamin B12 deficiency and home remedies for it.

The main signs of vitamin B12 deficiency and home remedies for it

The main signs of vitamin B12 deficiency and home remedies for it Vitamin B is a very important element for our body. It is considered to be very important for a healthy body. Lack of it can lead to physical problems in the body as well as mental problems. When our body is deficient in it, it can lead to problems like walking problems, breathing problems, and anemia.

Today we will tell you the main symptoms of vitamin B deficiency in the body and the diseases that are caused by its deficiency.

The main symptoms of vitamin B12 vitamin B12 deficiency and

Yellowing of the skin

Having rashes on the tongue

Having blisters in the mouth

Decreased eyesight

Decreased memory

Excessive weakness and lethargy

Shortness of breath


Loss of appetite

Feeling too cold


Diseases caused by vitamin B deficiency

Prolonged deficiency of this vitamin can lead to problems such as anemia, fatigue, stiff limbs, mouth ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, and brain diseases.

Essentials for Vitamin B Deficiency


Broccoli contains folate along with vitamin D. This prevents our body from lacking hemoglobin. Therefore, its intake makes up for vitamin B deficiency.


Milk is rich in calcium as well as vitamin B. Therefore, when the body is deficient in vitamin B, milk must be consumed. You can also consume yogurt.


You can eat meat to make up for the lack of vitamin B. Therefore, it is considered a good source of B vitamins.


Cheese is rich in B vitamins. Therefore, in case of vitamin B deficiency, consume the maximum amount of cheese.


Eggs are rich in calcium, protein as well as vitamin B. So be sure to include eggs in your diet

vitamin B12 deficiency and

Colds that haven’t been cured for a long time can have 4 problems

Colds are now a common problem. But sometimes the problem can be serious. Because sometimes a cold doesn’t go away for a long time. By the way, a normal cold gets cured within a week. But if this lift lasts a long time and you are having trouble breathing. And if the cold is getting worse then you must consult a doctor. Because these symptoms can be serious.

Today we will tell you what are the possible causes of cold for a long time.

Flu problems

The symptoms of the common cold and the flu are very similar. Therefore, it is difficult to diagnose the disease. It can be a viral fever instead of a normal cold. This can cause problems such as sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, and cough in the beginning. You may also have a cough with the flu. But the flu is a little different. It is accompanied by fever, chills, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches.


Allergy problems

Prolonged colds can also be an allergic reaction. Symptoms include sneezing, nasal congestion, and a runny nose. The symptoms of a cold last only a week and can last a long time if you have an allergy. So be sure to get an allergy test if you have a cold for a long time.

Sinus problems

If your cold doesn’t go away in ten days, it can turn into science. Science happens then. When fluid begins to build up in the facial pockets. In which germs begin to be born. So if you also have a cold as well as a headache, it could be a sinus problem.

Problems with pneumonia

Pneumonia is not directly caused by cold or flu. This is when we have a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection in our lungs. The symptoms of pneumonia can be similar to those of the common cold and flu. But other symptoms include pneumonia, fever, and difficulty breathing

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