Start eating these four things from today, leg pain, leg cramps, calf pain will be completely cured

Start eating these four things from today, leg pain, leg cramps, calf pain will be completely cured foods rich in potassium

There are so many problems happening today foods rich in potassium Everyone else has a problem. These are some of the problems. Leg pain, leg cramps, calf pain, and calcium deficiency. All of these problems are commonplace today. In addition to this, there is tension in the feet, stinging in the feet. These problems are also becoming more and more prevalent nowadays.

Many people have problems with nerves in their legs. This problem can occur mostly at night or at any time. When this pulse rises, we have a lot of pain in that place. In many people this problem is recurring.

Causes of varicose veins in the legs

There can be many causes for nerve entrapment in the feet. Less walking, less exercise, more weight. Because being overweight puts all the weight on your feet. Also, people who do a lot of physical work, or exercise a lot. Which makes fatigue too much. Such people also have nerves in their legs.

In addition, dehydration is a major problem. And magnesium deficiency can also cause nerve damage and pain in the shins.

Today we will tell you such home remedies which will cure the weakness of leg nerves and pain in the shins.

Massage the legs

If you have similar problems with your legs, be sure to massage your feet with olive oil and lavender oil before going to bed at night. Do this once or twice a day. This will relieve leg pain, calf pain, and nerve entrapment.

Soak your feet in the water

If you have severe pain in your feet, mix rock salt in warm water and soak your feet for a while. Do this two to three times a day. This will get rid of the foot pain immediately.

Drink plenty of water

All of these foot problems can also be caused by dehydration. So drink plenty of water every day. So be sure to drink coconut water daily. It will make up for the lack of minerals and vitamins in the body.

Eat more green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables contain a lot of vitamins as well as magnesium. Lack of which makes our nerves swell. So eat as many green leafy vegetables as possible.

Eat omega-3 foods

Omega 3 is very beneficial for our health. It is very beneficial for our eyes, heart, muscles, bones, and tendons. For this, you have to eat almonds and you can also eat fish. This will save the weakness of the nerves.

Eat foods rich in potassium and magnesium

Include dried fruits, veggies, whole grains, bananas, oranges in your diet. They are high in potassium and magnesium.

Eat calcium-rich foods

Calcium deficiency causes many problems. So include calcium in your diet. Eat as much milk, dairy products, yogurt, lassi as possible. Ragi and sesame are rich in calcium. So be sure to eat sesame seeds in winter. This will not cause pain in the shins, nerve and pulse problems, leg pain at all.

Eat raisins

Raisins are rich in many vitamins and minerals. If you also have these foot problems, be sure to include raisins in your diet. Soak a handful of raisins in water overnight and consume it in the morning.

Drink turmeric milk

If you have pain in your legs, pain in your calves, pain in your legs, then at night while sleeping, drink a cup of milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric, pineapple, and jaggery.

Swelling of the face is a sign of 5 serious illnesses. Learn about the symptoms and prevention tips

Today, due to poor diet and busy life, everyone is suffering from some or the other disease. But these symptoms do appear early in the disease. But most of the time we ignore these symptoms. Which after a short time takes the form of a serious illness. Swelling of the face is also one of these symptoms.

Today we will tell you about the diseases that cause swelling on the face and by knowing these diseases you can see a doctor immediately and get well.

These three diseases cause swelling on the face


The problem of anemia is called anemia. Whenever a person has anemia, his face becomes swollen and his face becomes thicker. With anemia in the body, the swelling increases. Due to which man has to suffer many troubles. Anemia can make a person feel tired and weak. If you also have weakness, fatigue, and swelling of the face, you may be anemic.


Tips for anemia

To make up for the lack of blood in the body, one should consume fruits like beets, dates, tomatoes, strawberries, and watermelon. If the swelling persists for several days, consult a doctor immediately.


The thyroid is a type of hormone. It is made from our thyroid gland by taking iodine into the body. The thyroid hormone works to control our body’s metabolism. With thyroid, the body weight continues to increase. This causes swelling of the face and other parts of the body. This is because the thyroid gland for some reason starts producing more hormones in the body and the thyroid starts to grow. If you also have swelling on the face as well as weight gain, restlessness, insomnia, increased heart rate. If symptoms do appear, be sure to have a thyroid test.

Gum problems

Whenever we have a problem with our mouth. The effect is visible on the face. So dental problems can also be a major cause of facial swelling. So this problem should never be ignored. Prolonged gum problems can worsen your oral health.

Kidney problems

Prolonged swelling of the cherries can also be a major indication of an athlete’s problem. So if your kidneys are not working properly, you may get swelling on your face.

Know the 5 people who should not consume pomegranate.foods rich in potassium

In case of anemia, doctors recommend eating pomegranate. Pomegranate consumption eliminates iron deficiency in our body. It is rich in fiber. Which helps in weight control. In addition, pomegranate has many health benefits. But some people should not eat a pomegranate.

Start eating these four things from today, leg pain, leg cramps, calf pain will be completely cured

Today we will tell you those problems. In which pomegranate should not be consumed by mistake.

Allergy problems

People who have allergies. They should not eat pomegranate either. Because it increases the problem of allergies. Especially people who have skin allergies. If you consume pomegranate when you have skin allergies, it can cause red rashes on the body.


Problems with low blood pressure

People with low blood pressure should also not consume pomegranate. Because pomegranate has a cool look. It slows down the blood circulation in the body. So people who are taking low blood pressure medicine. They should not eat a pomegranate. Because the ingredients in it reduce the effect of the medicine.

Cough problems

Such people should not consume pomegranate as it is cold. They have a lot of problems like colds and coughs. Consumption of pomegranate increases the risk of infection in such people.

Problems with constipation

People who suffer from constipation should also not consume pomegranate. Consumption of pomegranate can damage the digestive system. In addition, people suffering from gastric problems should not eat a pomegranate. Because pomegranate is cold, it cannot be digested properly in our bodies.

Mental problems

Even people with mental problems should not consume pomegranate. Eating pomegranate cools the nerves of the brain. This makes the problem worse.

The right time to eat pomegranate

Eating pomegranate in the morning is very beneficial for the body. Pomegranates are rich in sugar and vitamin C. These are beneficial in keeping our bodies healthy. Eating pomegranate in the morning makes the body feel energetic throughout the day and our body gets the full amount of energy. So be sure to include pomegranate in your breakfast.

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