If there is a pain in the legs then follow these home remedies.

If there is a pain in the legs then follow these home remedies.

If there is a pain in the legs then follow these home remedies. The legs are the main part of our body. But it is important that these legs are strong. If there is a problem of pain or weakness in the feet, then the person has to face many problems. Muscle spasms, muscle strains, malnutrition, fatigue, prolonged standing, dehydration, bone fractures can cause pain in the legs and feet. But there are a number of home remedies we can take to overcome this weakness and pain. Which have no side effects and will also relieve the pain in our legs.

Today we will tell you those tips. With which we can get rid of leg pain very quickly.

Vitamin D supplements

People who are deficient in vitamin D. They start showing symptoms like pain in the legs, back pain, body aches, joint pain. In addition, calcium and phosphorus are essential nutrients for nerves and muscles. So if you also have pain in your legs due to vitamin D deficiency, be sure to sit in the sun for ten minutes and also include as many citrus fruits in your diet as possible.

Tangerines, Fruit, Food, Clementines

Potassium-rich foods

When the body becomes anemic, the legs begin to ache. Potassium is a very important nutrient for our body, it relieves the pain in our legs. So if you have leg pain due to anemia in your body, then include banana, tomato, sweet potato, potato in your diet as much as possible.


Walking is very important to strengthen the muscles. This increases the blood flow in our body and strengthens our joints. So include exercise, cycling, and walking in your routine.

Eat a nutritious diet

If your legs are weak and you want to overcome this weakness, you should include protein, potassium, magnesium, vitamins in your diet. For this, you can take dried fruits, potatoes, fenugreek, raisins, tomatoes. And take egg yogurt for protein. Include pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, spinach, lentils in your diet to make up for the magnesium deficiency.

Warm up the legs

If you have pain in your legs after a lot of work, you can use cold or hot water for this. This will reduce the pain and swelling of the legs.


Massage relieves muscle problems. So if you want to reduce muscle cramps, massage your legs for at least ten minutes. This will improve blood flow and strengthen the muscles. You can use coconut oil, olive oil and mustard oil for massage.

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