Follow this onion recipe and joint pain will be completely cured.

Follow this onion recipe and joint pain will be completely cured

Follow this onion recipe and joint pain will be completely cured Nowadays, joint pain has become a common problem due to poor diet and poor lifestyle. Even young people nowadays suffer from joint pain. Previously this problem was seen in most of the elderly. Many people resort to medication to treat this problem. But these painkillers damage our body parts. Because they have so many side effects. So eat mostly foods that reduce pain and are rich in nutrients.

In addition to these, there are some home remedies. With which we can cure joint pain. These home remedies have no side effects. Because they are so natural. But because we do not know them, we cannot take full advantage of them.

Similarly today we will tell you an effective homemade recipe. If you have pain in any of your joints, apply this prescription there. This will cure joint pain very quickly. Try this recipe over and over again. You will see the effect.

Home Remedies for Joint Pain

You will need three things for this prescription

An onion

A tablespoon of turmeric

A tablespoon of mustard oil

Method of making and applying the recipe

To make this recipe, first grate an onion. Then mix one tablespoon of turmeric and one tablespoon of mustard oil in this onion and make a paste.

Before applying this paste, warm it up a bit. Before going to bed at midnight, apply this paste on the sore joint and tie the top cloth. Applying this paste continuously for a few days will reduce the pain in your joints.

Take kicker tree beans like this, joint pain, a broken bone, jaundice, and these 10 diseases will be completely cured.

You may have seen the kicker tree. It contains a lot of nutrients. Which cures many diseases of our body. Therefore, the bark, leaves and pods of this tree are used in all medicines. Cutting on this tree produces glue. It is also used in many medicines.

Today we will tell you the benefits of kicker tree pods and also how to use it in which disease.

Joint pain

Grind kicker seeds and mix it with honey for three consecutive days, your knee pain will be cured. This lubricates the joints and makes up for the lack of grease in the joints. If you have weak bones, they will become stronger.

Problems with broken bones recipe and joint pain

If you have a broken bone, take one tablespoon of kicker bean powder daily in the morning and evening. This helps the broken bone to heal faster.


Problems with dental pain

If you have a lot of pain in your teeth, make kicker pod peel and almond peel ash and apply it on the teeth with salt. The problem of toothache will go away.

Problems with excessive urination

Dry the raw kicker beans in the shade, fry them in ghee and make a powder. Take three grams of this powder daily. This will cure the problem of excessive urination.

Problems of weakness

Dry the kicker beans in the shade and grind them with an equal amount of sugarcane. Take one tablespoon daily with water in the morning and evening. Weaknesses of the body and diseases of all kinds will be removed.

Problems of diarrhea

In case of diarrhea, eat two kicker beans and drink lassi on top. This will cure the problem of diarrhea.

Diseases of the mouth

Finely grind kicker bark and boil it in water and rinse it to cure mouth ulcers and mouth diseases.

The problem of jaundice

Mix the kicker flowers with the sugarcane and grind to a fine powder. Ten grams of this powder daily will cure jaundice.

Watery eyes

Finely grind the leaves of mud and mix a little honey in it and put it in the eyes like antimony. This will cure the problem of watery eyes

Diseases of the throat

Boil kicker leaves and bark in water and gargle. It cures sore throats.

Problems with acidity

Make a decoction of kicker leaves and mix one gram of mango glue in it and make this decoction in the evening and drink it in the morning. Thus, drinking this decoction for seven consecutive days cures the problem of acidity.

Lack of nutrients in the body leads to many diseases. Many of these diseases are very serious. There are many reasons for this, such as poor diet, stress, and a busy lifestyle. At times, even these minor problems can be a source of concern. One of these problems is nerve entrapment during sleep. The problem may seem small, but it can be very painful. Swelling of the body during sleep is a common problem. But it is caused by a lack of certain nutrients in the body.

Today we will tell you three things that are the main cause of heartburn. When our body is deficient in these three things then the pulse starts to increase.

Vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency in the body causes many problems. Vitamin C deficiency is a major cause of problems such as colds and flu, as well as dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin C helps maintain flexibility in the body. Vitamin C also helps in strengthening the blood cells in our body. That keeps our skin healthy. That is why when the blood cells in our body are not strong, the nerves become weak and there is a problem of nerve entrapment.


Things that contain vitamin C.

Eat more citrus fruits, lemons, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables.


Anemia can also be a major cause of sleep deprivation. Anemia causes poor blood circulation. Due to which the nerves in the limbs start to grow. The hemoglobin in the blood cells in our body carries oxygen to different parts of the body.

Things to do to make up for anemia

Beetroot, Mango, Grape, Apple, Guava, Green Vegetables, Coconut, Basil, Sesame, Spinach, Molasses, and Egg.

Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency in the body also causes nausea during sleep. If this happens to you frequently, the body may be deficient in iron. You can take iron supplements and food to make up for the iron deficiency. Iron deficiency can lead to heartburn and can lead to many other problems. Iron deficiency causes the cells in the body to not get enough oxygen. Due to which the pulse goes up.

Eat these foods to make up for the iron deficiency

Eat more green leafy vegetables, spinach, beans, lentils, nuts, brown rice, dried fruits, and apples.

Effective home remedies for heartburn and ulcers in summer season.

Ulcers are stomach ailments. This disease causes blisters on the inner surface of the abdomen. In this disease, man has to face many kinds of problems. This problem is exacerbated during hot summer days. This causes a burning sensation in the abdomen and a burning sensation. This problem can be very serious.

Today we will tell you the main signs, symptoms, and effective home remedies for stomach ulcers.

Signs of having stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcers do not cause stomach problems, such as heartburn, pain, and vomiting.

The main symptoms of stomach ulcers

The main symptoms of stomach ulcers are pain on an empty stomach and the pain subsides after eating. In addition, there is bleeding in the stool, indigestion, heartburn, and sudden weight loss.

Frequent abdominal pain and recovery from abdominal pain after taking a painkiller or antacid can also be a symptom of an ulcer.

The main cause of stomach ulcers

Taking more painkillers

Drinking too much tea and coffee

Eating hot spices

Taking too much stress

In addition, a poor diet can be a major cause of stomach ulcers.

Home Remedies for Stomach Ulcers



Honey reduces stomach ulcers. Because honey contains glucose peroxide. Which removes bacteria in the stomach and gives relief to the ulcer patient.


Coconut juice prevents ulcers from growing. It also removes worms in the stomach. Coconut has anti-bacterial and anti-ulcer properties. So if you have a stomach ulcer problem, consume coconut oil and coconut water as much as possible.


Banana also treats ulcers. Bananas have antibacterial properties. Which cures stomach acid. Therefore, eating ripe bananas is beneficial for ulcers and patients.


Soak almonds in water overnight and grind them and give them to the ulcer patient. This also has a lot of benefits from the problem of ulcers.

Turmeric milk

Mix turmeric in cow’s milk and drink it. The properties of turmeric prevent ulcers from growing.


Ulcers are also cured by making a syrup of the juice of the leaves of Goodhall.

Carrot and leaf cabbage juice

Cabbage leaves increase the blood flow in our stomachs. Heals ulcers. Cabbage and carrot juice should be mixed and drunk. Cabbage leaves contain lactic acid. Which makes amino acids in the body.

Sahajan leaves

Make a paste of sahajan leaves with yogurt and make sure to consume it at least once a day. It relieves stomach ulcers.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek is very useful in curing stomach ulcers. Boil one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water and cool it, strain it, mix one tablespoon of honey in it and drink it. Make sure you drink this water once a day.

If you have severe stomach ulcers and have severe pain, be sure to consult a doctor first.

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