Benefits of mixing a pinch of asafoetida in a glass of water daily.  9 The disease is perfectly cured.

Benefits of mixing a pinch of asafoetida in a glass of water daily. 9 The disease is perfectly cured.

Benefits of mixing a pinch of asafoetida in a glass of water daily. 9 The disease is perfectly cured. Nowadays, in every household, someone is suffering from some or the other disease. Whether it is diabetes, high blood pressure, acidity or joint pain. All of these diseases have become commonplace today due to poor diet and poor living conditions. Many people resort to medication for minor ailments. But these drugs have many side effects. Because they have a very bad effect on the kidneys.

So if you resort to Ayurvedic prescriptions to cure these ailments, it will be better for you.

Today we will tell you about the benefits of drinking a daily pinch of asafoetida water and the diseases that are completely cured by drinking asafoetida water.

Method of making Hing water a pinch of asafoetida

Pinch hing

A glass of water

First, take a glass of lukewarm water and mix a pinch of asafoetida in it and drink it. If you have problems with acidity, diabetes, anemia or joint pain, be sure to drink asafoetida water every morning.

Because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Which fix our digestive system. Drinking water with hing strengthens our bones and teeth and is extremely beneficial for asthma patients.

The benefits of hing

Indigestion and digestive problems

If you have any back problems, be sure to use asafoetida. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant elements. Which cures problems like upset stomach, acidity, stomach worms, and indigestion.

Respiratory problems

Hing is very useful for respiratory problems. It cures the mucus that builds up in our chest. If you have any respiratory problems, mix honey and ginger juice with hing. It provides relief from cough and asthma.

Lowering blood sugar level

Hinge is very useful in lowering blood sugar levels. If you also want to lower your blood sugar level, be sure to include it in your diet and drink hing water daily.

Control blood pressure

Hing is followed by an element called Camrinus. Which helps to thin the blood. Consumption of it does not cause fatigue in the blood and keeps the cholesterol level under control. Daily intake of its water increases blood flow and keeps high blood pressure under control.

Problems with pain

Asafoetida helps in relieving toothache, migraine, and joint pain. It contains antioxidants and painkillers. Which help relieve pain. So if you have a problem with pain, mix a pinch of asafoetida in a glass of water and drink it. In case of toothache, make a paste by mixing asafoetida and lemon juice.

Cancer prevention

Asafoetida contains powerful antioxidants. Therefore, regular consumption of it protects the body’s cells from free radicals. Asafoetida has anti-cancer properties. Therefore, it inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Skin problems

Asafoetida contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. That is why hing is used in many skin products. Therefore, drinking asafoetida daily can cure many skin problems. It reduces acne, blemishes, and wrinkles.

Mix only this thing in water and drink it. 6 diseases will be cured.

In Ayurveda, there are many benefits of drinking hot water in the morning. Drinking this hot water mixed with a small amount of jaggery is very beneficial for health. It cures a lot of problems and keeps you healthy. Drinking jaggery and hot water on an empty stomach in the morning gives many benefits and strength to the body. Most people are unaware of its benefits. But it must be consumed by everyone.

Today we will tell you about the benefits of drinking jaggery mixed with warm water on an empty stomach in the morning and also tell you what problems can be cured.

Useful for weight loss

Drinking jaggery water leads to rapid weight loss. Because it contains Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C helps our body reduce extra calories. This helps us to lose weight and helps to lose weight. To do this, eat jaggery and drink warm water at night before going to bed.

Stomach problems

If you have a lot of gas problems, but before going to bed at night, eat jaggery and drink hot water. Doing so cures many gas, constipation, and stomach problems. If you drink this water regularly, your stomach will be clear in the morning.

Sleep problems

If you can’t sleep well at night and are restless, be sure to drink jaggery with warm water. The properties found in jaggery relieve stress and help in bringing sleep.

Mouth problems

Eating jaggery with cardamom every night and drinking hot water removes the bacteria present in the mouth. Doing so also eliminates cavity problems and dental problems. If you have bad breath, it will go away. Eating jaggery with hot water keeps the gums healthy.

Problems with stones

If you have a problem with stones, eat a small amount of jaggery and drink warm water every night before going to bed. This breaks down the stone and passes it out through urine. In addition, eating jaggery relieves heartburn and joint pain.

Skin problems


If you have a lot of pimples and blemishes on your face, consume jaggery and water on an empty stomach every morning. It brightens the skin.

There are so many diseases today. Such as joint pain, dryness of joint grease, nerve blockage, bone problems, calcium deficiency, and weakness. These problems are common nowadays. Many people today are deficient in calcium and omega-3s.

Today we will tell you about this kind of powder which will cure all these problems. This powder has many benefits. Anyone taking blood pressure medication should also take this powder.

People with diabetes and obesity are more likely to be obese. This powder is very beneficial for those people. Don’t take just one tablespoon of this powder daily. Almost all the ailments of the body will be cured.

a pinch of asafoetida


If your blood is thick and you have a heart problem, you must still take this powder. This powder will lower cholesterol and if there is a tingling sound in the bones and there is pain. So just take one tablespoon of this powder.

Learn the benefits of berry vinegar and the 7 diseases that are completely cured.

Everyone loves to eat berries. It contains a lot of nutrients. But gooseberry vinegar is also very good for health. Its vinegar has the ability to cure many diseases. Everything from diabetes to anemia can be cured. Because it is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Fiber, Magnesium, Potassium, Carbohydrates, and Protein. Daily consumption of gooseberry vinegar maintains the balance of air, bile, and phlegm. It has antibacterial properties.

Today we will tell you the benefits of taking daily gooseberry vinegar and the diseases that are completely cured by consuming it.

Dow beats

Diabetes is a common problem these days. Excess glucose levels in the body can lead to diabetes. But berries and vinegar have anti-diabetic properties. Which gets rid of diabetes. The properties of gooseberry vinegar help in lowering the sugar level in the body and converting the sugar level into energy. So taking a tablespoon of vinegar at night helps control insulin levels. It is extremely beneficial for diabetics.


Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections are caused by an increase in the amount of bacteria in the kidneys and bladder. Consumption of berry vinegar is very beneficial in this. The amount of vitamins and minerals found in it kills the bacteria present in the kidneys and bladder. It also cures kidney problems.

Digestive problems

If you have any digestive problems, gooseberry vinegar is very helpful for you. Its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties are extremely beneficial for the stomach. It is rich in fiber. It also cures diarrhea. If you have acidity, gas, constipation, all those problems will be cured.

Heart problems

Jasmine vinegar is extremely beneficial for the heart. Its consumption reduces the risk of heart disease. It contains a lot of potassium. Which strengthens our nerves. This greatly reduces the problem of high blood pressure. In addition, vinegar is very useful in controlling cholesterol and sugar levels.

Dental problems

If you have a dental problem and bleeding gums, then vinegar is very helpful. Rubbing gooseberry vinegar on the teeth relieves toothache. Its anti-bacterial properties strengthen the gums and also get rid of the problem of mouth ulcers.

The problem of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a serious problem. This problem can be cured quickly by taking vinegar. Because it contains laxative acid. Hemorrhoids can be cured very quickly.

Kidney stones

This recipe is very useful in case of kidney stones. In case of kidney stones, be sure to use gooseberry vinegar. The nutrients and antibacterial properties present in it help to slowly remove the stones from the urinary tract.

This mixture will completely cure cholesterol, obesity, and 10 diseases.

Obesity and high cholesterol are common problems today. Many people resort to medication for this. But a mixture of lazy and cloves in our kitchen can cure these problems. This mixture is very useful in melting fat. Many problems can be cured by consuming this mixture. But how to take this mixture. We will tell you that.

Today we tell you how to roast this mixture and how to take it and what diseases can be cured.

Essential goods

100 grams of linseed

10 grams of dried cloves

Procedure for making and taking

Grind these two things well to make a powder. Husband, take one tablespoon of this mixture in the morning for three consecutive days. You can also take this mixture with water or for breakfast.

This mixture should be taken for three consecutive days and then not for three days. Then start again after three days. Take it like this for a month, you will start to see the effect.

The advantages of this combination


Lose weight

This mission prevents fat from accumulating in our body and keeps the body healthy. So take one tablespoon of this mixture daily and drink a glass of water on top. Doing so will melt away much of your body fat.

Digestive problems

If you have digestive problems and food is not well digested, still take this mixture. Because laziness is to improve our digestive system and the food eaten is digested faster.

Problems with constipation

Take one tablespoon of this mixture in case of constipation. This will eliminate the problem of constipation. Because laziness improves our digestion and it is rich in fiber. Also, drink plenty of water.

Problems with indigestion, gas, and acidity

If you suffer from severe indigestion, gas, and acidity, this mixture is still very useful for you. Its consumption relieves the problem of heartburn, gas, and acidity.

Asthma problems

A mixture of linseed and cloves can cure asthma. This mixture reduces the problem of asthma and at the same time relieves cough. Because both Arshi and Lok control the phlegm in our body and prevent mucus from growing.

Cholesterol problems

The fiber present in lazy is very beneficial in reducing fat and cholesterol in the body. This helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the body. In addition, this compound controls high blood pressure.

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