An effective home remedy to cure all kidney and liver problems in a week.

An effective home remedy to cure all kidney and liver problems in a week.

An effective home remedy to cure all kidney and liver problems in a week. Most of the diseases of the body are caused by the weakness of the kidneys and liver or their infection. So to keep them both healthy, it is important to keep them clean. Home remedies are very effective in keeping both of them clean. They have no side effects and keep other parts of the body healthy.

Today we will tell you about coriander and raisin water to clean the liver and kidneys. It cures all the problems of kidney and liver and also removes the problem of fatty liver and also prevents kidney infection and kidney stone formation. Because they have many medicinal properties. Which are essential in detoxifying the body.

Today we will tell you how to make rich and raisin water and the main symptoms of liver damage and kidney damage.

The main symptoms and causes of liver damage

Pain in the right side of the abdomen

Abdominal pain is considered normal by people. But the pain in the right side of the abdomen can be a sign of liver disease. It can also be a serious illness such as a liver infection, fatty liver, or liver cirrhosis.

Yellowing of the kidneys

If your urine turns dark or yellow, it could also be a sign of liver disease. This is because an increase in bilirubin in the body causes the urine to turn dark yellow.

Weight loss

Sometimes the word suddenly starts to decrease for no reason. It can also be a sign of liver disease. Because when the liver is not working properly, our body does not get all the nutrients it needs and the person loses weight rapidly.

Swelling in the feet

Swelling in the feet can be a sign of liver disease. Because when the liver is damaged. They start building new tissues. Excessive tissue builds up causing a build-up of fluid in the feet, which causes swelling in the feet. This swelling is accompanied by pain in the legs.

Fatigue and drowsiness

Excessive fatigue and lethargy can be caused by an accumulation of impurities in the liver. Because the liver works to digest our food and break down nutrients. When the liver is not working properly, our body does not get the nutrients, and fatigue and drowsiness remain.

The body appears yellow

When the amount of bilirubin in the body is high, the body begins to look yellow. This is also a sign of liver failure.

The main causes and symptoms of kidney damage kidney and liver problems


Diabetes is caused by a lack of hormones in the body. Energy in the body is obtained due to sugar starch. When the body is deficient in insulin, which converts sugar starch into energy, the symptoms of diabetes begin. Diabetes affects the function of the kidneys. This increases the risk of kidney problems.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure can also be a major cause of kidney problems. Because high blood pressure affects the functioning of the kidneys. This can lead to kidney problems.

The main symptoms of kidney failure

Frequent urination

Bleeding in the urine

Pain in the lower abdomen

Swelling of the face and feet

Home Remedies for Liver and Kidney

Coriander water

First, take some coriander leaves and boil them in water for 15 minutes and filter it and fill it in clean bottles. Drink this water daily for a few consecutive days. This will clean the liver and kidneys. Because this water flushes out toxins from the liver and kidneys.

Coriander and lemon soup

kidney and liver problems

To celebrate this, boil coriander leaves in a cup of water for 15 minutes. Then make a spoonful of cornflour paste and mix it. Then add a pinch of chili powder, salt, and the juice of one lemon. So drink it like a hot soup. Be sure to take it for ten consecutive days.

Raisin water

Drinking raisin water on an empty stomach every morning provides the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Drinking raisin water for four consecutive days helps the liver and kidneys to function properly and removes toxins from the body. It cleanses the blood, cures acidity, and lowers bad cholesterol in the body 

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